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Virtual Address Space of a Work Process

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With 32-bit systems, 4 GB of memory can theoretically be addressed; depending on the operating system, there are approximately 2 GB of virtual address space available to a process.

This consists of a text and a data segment, a dynamically extendible heap and a dynamically extendible stack. The heap increases in size from the bottom and the stack increases from the top; this enables the entire virtual address space to be used.

With an SAP work process, there are special areas reserved on the heap. The size of these special areas can be set using a profile parameter. These areas are:

The ABAP processor stores different types of data in the SAP
paging area. These include:

   (1) Data clusters (EXPORT … TO MEMORY …)
   (2) Parameters for calling programs (SUBMIT REPORT …),
       Dialog modules (CALL DIALOG …) and transactions
   (3) Internally defined program macros (DEFINE …)

The largest reserved area is located between the heap and stack of the SAP extended memory.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


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