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I also had alot of problems with non-functioning or garbled SP/DIF
ouput. For instance when using VLC with a surround DVD it will set the
SP/DIF output configuration to 192 kHz or something, rendering output
useless for my DCC-900. After stopping VLC it will not revert to the
previous setting, and there is no easy way of setting up the SP/DIF

But you can still set the ouput to your liking by using the terminal
program "speaker-test". You can supply arguments to it like amount of
channels, sampling rate etc to test speakers, but happily enough it
also sets SP/DIF configuration to the values you use in this tool and
the output retains this till another program changes it.

For inspiration, I use this command in the terminal to get the right sampling rate on the output for instance:
speaker-test -Dspdif -r44100 -c2 -f3000 -tsine

-Dspdif = output to use
-r44100 = sampling frequency/stream rate
-c2 = number of channels
f3000 = test signal frequency
tsine = waveform

To get a description of more options type ‘speaker-test –h’ or ‘man
speaker-test’ and play around a little with the values and the output
format, maybe it will help you.



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